Don't worry, everything will be back... some time ;)

Some of my projects:

- Building a new website with some information about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Want to earn some money with Internet? Take a look at this site: Mijn fortuin (Dutch)

- Regged some domainnames for fun and collecting some money when you click some ads on these websites:
Xperia X3
Xperia X4
Xperia X5

- I also have some other domains which you might be interested in:

What happened!?
Actually nothing really happened.

I got tired of maintaining my website and moving into my new appartment at the same time. So when I'm all settled and I know what I really want with my website, I will rebuild my website. Until then, you may face this beautifull page. There's nothing to worry about.

Best regards,